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We Make Parking Easier Wherever We Go


Travelers parking at the airport are often in a hurry. Our guidance systems ensure that your customers can park quickly and get on their way with without lines, confusion or anxiety. We’ll make their parking experience to be the most pleasant part of the trip.

Entertainment Venues

Going to a concert, show or sporting event is something to look forward to, we can help you make sure that parking is part of the good time — in and out with speed and efficiency.


Visitors parking at healthcare facilities have much more to think about than finding an open space — and healthcare staff need easy parking, too. Let PGS help you alleviate the stress that comes from searching for a space. With our guidance system, we can create a positive experience for everyone who parks at your facility.

Resorts | Hotels | Casinos

High-end escapes and adventures need parking that doesn’t let you down. An upscale parking experience to start and end a vacation or business trip can be part of what makes the stay memorable and worth returning to.

Smart Cities

Parking guidance technology is a natural choice for cities going “smart”. With its web driven platform, PGS is able to equip smart cities with parking guidance solutions that will improve parking services, maximize occupancy and optimize parking revenue.

Mixed-Use Developments

Sometimes you have to be everything to everybody. PGS drives your garage to accommodate the mix of monthly, daily, hourly and event parker, with features that are easily customizable for accurate space counting, color and messaging and reports that help you adapt and improve performance.


Great parking is the first rule of how to attract shoppers to stores. No one likes to park far away or add travel time for finding a spot. PGS offers the convenience of easy parking, car locating and paying that brings customers back for the shops and the parking.

Universities  |  Corporate Campuses

University and Corporate Campuses draw students, alumni, staff and other visitors. Whether they are permit parkers or parking for gameday, PGS guidance systems will ensure that they find a space quickly and as close to their destination as possible. We can create solutions just for your facility with features like virtual permitting, space reservation, enhanced security and custom payment options. We put the control in your hands and make sure your customers always enjoy their parking experience.
Custom solutions are our specialty

Busy airports, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, city garages and campuses… there is not a parking challenge we can’t innovate. PGS sources technologies, the latest signage, sensors and software, to install and integrate with our customers’ needs. We help you get drivers parked quick, close and happy time and again so can count on maximum garage utilization.

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Have parking problems? We’ve got solutions.