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Smooth Arrivals
Stays begin at parking.
Quick and easy parking makes guests happy. At entry, sensors communicate with dynamic signage to welcome guests with the number of available parking spaces. RGB LED indicators quickly direct visitors to an open spot to start a memorable stay.
Sensors with Audio
Talk to your visitors.
Sensors come with speaker output add-on so you can deliver custom welcome greetings, provide directions to ADA spaces, broadcast emergency announcements or other custom messages.
Guest Security Monitoring
100% video coverage.
Camera-based, multi-function sensors will record transactions and offer video streaming to deter vehicle theft or damage. This monitoring also increases guest safety and allows them to feel comfortable leaving their vehicle so that they can thoroughly enjoy their stay.

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Ready to welcome drivers.

We help our customers extend their premium hotel experience by starting every stay with a positive parking experience. See how our resort/hotel/casino customers welcome their guests.

The parking process is our customers’ first and last touch-point with us. Our guests expect and deserve an enhancement to this aspect of our resort experience. We’ve taken into account our customer feedback and carefully planned these improvements to address some of their most common concerns—challenging navigation and difficulty finding available spaces.
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Reservations about your hotel parking? Relax, we’ve got you.