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City Garages
Increase revenue
By adding a parking guidance system to city-owned garages, you are generating more parking revenue and providing improved parking service at the same time.
Surface Lots
Safer and more secure
Cities can now monitor and improve surface lot parking through our INDECT Views outdoor camera detection system. It’s also safer and faster for the visitors.
Economic Development
Attract new business
Retailers and restaurants will be attracted to a smart city’s investment in a cloud-based parking guidance system that helps improve the overall visitor experience.

Smart Cities Case Studies

Smart cities, smart parking.

Smart cities use a combination of cloud-based technologies to integrate a network of city controlled devices — such as vehicles, parking meters, sensors and security systems — to communicate and exchange data. The addition of parking guidance technology is quickly becoming a key initiative because it simply makes sense for city garages and surface lots to be part of this sustainable network.

The City of Round Rock, Texas has a long-term vision of seamlessly integrating technology into everyday life. Improving the City’s parking garages is part of the City's downtown revitalization project. Ultimately the City chose the INDECT single-space parking guidance system for its high level of accuracy, robust construction and the option of using sensors with extended LED lights in high ceiling areas.
Round Rock, Texas

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