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License Plate Recognition
Entry/Exit whitelist generation.
Camera-based, multi-function sensors generate license plate whitelists to tie reserved parking spaces to parking tickets. Sensors also allow you to offer high-rate, premium parking without physical restrictions. And to complete the experience, they help visitors locate their vehicles via car finder kiosks or phone apps.
Space Reservation
Accommodate a variety of drivers.
Mixed-use caters to many different groups. You can allocate and reserve spaces for residents, retail shoppers, and office tenants. LED lights allow you to designate different user groups by assigning a specific color for specific users.
Space Transaction Streaming
Improve profit and safety.
Every parking transaction is photo-captured from entry to exit and edited into a 90-second video. Individual transaction videos can provide analytics to help maximize guidance system revenue and monitor for safety.

Mixed-Use Developments Case Studies

Accurate and flexible fill spots.

Residents, office tenants, retail shoppers — your garage parkers are a real mix. Keep confusion and costs low with a system that can optimize your facility while offering 99% space counting accuracy. See how we make mixed-used parking easy to manage.

River Oaks District owners recognized early on that to close the loop in the customer and tenant experience, it needed to start in the parking garage. The property owner added INDECT UPSOLUT multi-function, camera-based parking sensors to speed up the parking process, improve safety, increase parking garage occupancy, and even help the customer find their car.
River Oaks District

Mixed-use parking dilemmas? We can sort it out.