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The World’s Most Advanced Parking Technology


Get ‘em in and out and back again. Finding a space without cruising around or backing up traffic makes or breaks an experience. PGS custom guidance system solutions provide clear direction to keep things fast, easy and accurate for your customers.


Pave the way to premium outdoor parking. Track space occupancy in real time to make it simple to direct drivers to open for surface level spaces, 24/7. Integrated with INDECT digital signage posted at key points in the lot, sensors provide direction to the closest, best spots available.


Right this way to winning wayfinding. Pick a color, red, green, blue, white, yellow. Indoor? Outdoor? All PGS sign systems point to satisfaction. Driven by INDECT LED technology, signs are customized just for your space to clearly guide cars from entry to space to exit without any glitches.

Mobile Application

You have arrived. PGS mobile solutions put you on the map by giving customers a solution right where they want it—on their phones. From finding your facility to seeing their spot, to payment it can all be done without leaving the driver’s seat using our INDECT mobile solutions.
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    Energy efficient solutions.
    Powering the bottom line.

    Guidance systems for better traffic flow and carbon emissions reduction.

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    Smart parking is growing.
    Algorithms that improve parking.

    Easy-to-implement innovations including cameras and wireless communications.

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    Wayfinding solutions.
    Leading the way to parking ease.

    Avoiding problems by utilizing parking operations, design and management together.

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    Hand-held technology.
    Parking solutions at your fingertips.

    Over 12 million people use an app to find parking in nearly every major U.S. City.

You’ve got parking needs to solve. We have solutions.