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Parking Space Guidance
Reduce crowded entries and search time.
Rushing to get to class or the office on time, LED signage and RGB lights ensure that your visitors find open spaces faster, safer and as close to their destination as possible.
Utilize Powerful Data
Administrative info for smarter decisions.
University and Corporate Campus parking departments can use data collected from sensors to maximize the utilization of the facility. PGS systems turn parking data into custom reports to bring precision to decision making.
Customizable Parking
Game days and event adaptability.
Custom-colored RGB LED lights help designate premier parking sections and reserved spaces and can even display school colors on game day. With mobile payment and license plate recognition features we make parking easy and efficient while also providing security solutions to work with your ever-changing parking flow.

Universities | Corporate Campuses
Case Studies

Big parking on campus.

Students, faculty, employees, fans and visitors fill facilities every day. Our system allows you to make parking fast and efficient for all your visitors. See how smart our university and corporate campus parking systems can be.

University of Oklahoma students and staff were spending up to 30 minutes to find parking. OU turned to PGS to meet their vision for reducing those times and relieve the stress of daily parking. PGS installed an INDECT single-space guidance system. The camera-based system also offers real-time vehicle monitoring, license plate recognition and customizable audio alerts.
University of Oklahoma

Don’t know where to start with campus parking? We’ll teach you.