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Real-Time Availability
Ease the time crunch.
Sensors communicate with dynamic signage on the roadway and upon entry to display real-time space availability. Our system works to take the stress out of spending time searching for a space by easily guiding customers to the closest available space.
Mobile Technology
Apps make it easy.
Integrating apps into your system offers customers time-saving options like parking guidance maps, pre-pay space reservations, easy location of parked cars and display of other parking information.
Security Monitoring
100% video coverage.
Camera-based, multi-function sensors will monitor aisles, record transactions and offer video streaming to increase your customer’s personal safety and deter vehicle theft or damage.

Airports Case Studies

Every traveler is different.

Airports are 24/7 facilities. We provide solutions to fit customers who park for a few minutes, hours or even weeks. PGS systems give you garage usage data and visualization that helps you keep things running efficiently, flexibly and at max occupancy. See how our airport travelers succeed.
To meet the goal of improving DFW customer experiences at point of entry, PGS installed an INDECT full-scale parking guidance system... the first of its kind to be installed in any major U.S. airport. DFW committed to a technology-driven, state-of-the art system to offer its customers a stress-free experience with an easy space-finding sensor system and real-time space availability signage.
DFW Airport

Make airport parking the easiest part of the trip. We’ll guide you.