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No-Stress Parking
Apps improve performance.
App technology lowers parking stress by providing patients with real-time space availability, travel routes and other parking information that help reduce parking delays so they can make it to appointments on time.
Plan Patient Access
Signage speaks to everyone.
Parking guidance signage comes with 8″ symbols, such as arrows and ADA symbols. Tailoring signage to inform patients of varying health and mobility levels is a necessity for a positive parking experience.
24/7 Conveniences
Healthcare never closes.
From patients and their visitors to doctors and nurses…healthcare parking is nonstop. With an integrated system that boasts features like level guidance and car location, PGS will keep it all running smoothly.

Healthcare Case Studies

Take good care.

Many people visiting your healthcare facility arrive already stressed. An excellent parking management system goes a long way to ease anxieties and get patients, visitors and staff where they need to be, quickly. See how our healthcare customers take care of their visitors.
Part of excellent patient care, is care for the families of their patients. MD Anderson partnered with PGS to create a parking system that made finding a space fast and simple for patient families, so that parking would never be an added worry. PGS recommended a car-finder feature as part of the install to help relieve stress for families by making finding their car easy when their visits were over.
MD Anderson Cancer Center

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