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License Plate Recognition
Camera-based system monitors activity.
LED lights above each parking space notifies shoppers if the space is occupied, available or designated for handicapped visitors. Directional lighting helps all shoppers to quickly find a space, park and enjoy their shopping experience.
A Place for Everyone
LED lights guide drivers.
Sensors come with speaker output add-on so you can deliver welcome greetings, provide direction to ADA spaces, broadcast emergency announcements and other custom messages.
Sensors with Audio
Talk to your customers.
Sensors identify individual visitor by license plate so you can monitor patterns and provide added-value offers like frequent visitor discounts and premium reserved spaces.

Retail Case Studies

Shopping, not dropping.

If there’s convenient parking, they will come again. Parking availability is high on shoppers’ lists when choosing where and how often to shop. See how our mall and retail customers are keeping their spots filled.

Nebraska Furniture Mart wanted to extend the customer experience into the parking garage. PGS is the place for great ideas… like installing a system, the first its kind in the U.S. market to be written specifically into the store’s original construction blueprints. Because we were part of the build, our system’s conduit could be laid in place while the slab was being poured.
Nebraska Furniture Mart

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