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The Beginning of the Parking Experience

Our free-standing INDECT monument signs, placed in strategic indoor and outdoor locations, boost visibility of your garage details.

Easy visibility outdoors
INDEDCT monument signage is specifically designed for high performance and easy visibility outdoors.
Withstands weather conditions
Monument signs meet the highest outdoor performance standards. They’re built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and require very little maintenance. For added protection, signs can be powder coated and painted in your color specs.
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Fit Your Architectural Needs

Free-standing or attached to a garage, our signs are always an enhancement to your parking experience.

  • MATRIX displays are available in full color – can change color as they count down
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Make A Lasting Impression

Monument signs are made to connect with drivers offering consistent easy navigation and convenience that brings them back.

  • 5.1”, 7.5” and 10.5” digits available in green, red, blue, white, amber/yellow
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Custom Designed Signage

No matter how specific, we can meet your needs.

  • Both multi-level parking garages and open air parking signs
  • Space availability information: either “OPEN” or “FULL”, with pictures/logos/advertising

Wayfinding and level-counting signage

All of our INDECT signage is designed for precision so we can help you guide drivers to the space they are looking for any level, any environment, all the time. Customizable to your standards and messages, all signage is powered by software, hardware and tech support to ensure space counts are accurate and synced with your signs.



5.1 in.




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Got free-standing monument sign plans? Let’s get you noticed.