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Single Space Parking Guidance System

The technology driving the INDECT Ultrasonic Mini Sensor (UMS) system is the cutting-edge difference you need to not only enhance your customer experience (and boost loyalty!) but also to maximize operational efficiencies with features like:

  • Quick installation
  • LED Indicators for max occupancy
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Building management from computer/smart device
  • Lower admin/operating costs
Easy and green
Simple to install and maintain, our power-saving LED indicators keep everything flowing and efficient by speeding up the parking process, maximizing occupancy and reducing the CO2 footprint.
Single and seamless integration
Powered by a single cable that virtually controls the entire garage, UMS becomes part of your existing systems to seamlessly network and keep everything moving as one, such as: PARCS and payment, lighting and signage, pay-by-phone and gateless solutions.
IP65 Outdoor Rating
Water resistant and dust proof.
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Top of the Line Accuracy
99.8% detection rate on day one.

INDECT UMS Internal Space Indicator LED

UMS is a ceiling-mounted ultrasonic sensor used for precise vehicle detection.

Like SIex, SIin sensors show whether a space is occupied or free and offers integrated RGB LED indication of special spaces (the internal LED is integrated in the UMS sensor). Highly customizable, SIin offers double-sided design option.


  • Super bright RGB LED
  • LED bulb can be individually selected and changed at any time to highlight or reserve spaces for special user groups
  • Brightness and day/night dimming possible via IVIS user interface

INDECT UMS External Space Indicator

SIex sensors allow drivers to quickly locate an open space or bay.

The SIex highly customizable sensors allow drivers to quickly locate an open space or specially reserved spaces indicated by RGB LED definable colors. The external LED indicator drops at the end of a space so columns never obstruct the sensor from the driver’s view.


  • Super bright RGB LED and 50° lens
  • Quick installation
  • Low maintenance

Higher-level thinking

PGS, LLC offers the widest range of parking guidance and administration solutions to meet your needs and parking management objectives. Our sales and technical support teams have what it takes to “guide” you in the right direction and fit you with the best, customized parking solution.







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