Luis Armando Chapa

At PGS, someone has to gather all the pieces together and put them to work.Luis is that someone. The solutions we build for our clients are all custom, all highly complex and are all expertly installed and maintained.

In the years Luis has been at PGS he has never looked at any two projects the same. Our parking guidance technology is constantly being refined and improved and Luis makes it his job to stay ahead of that curve to make our clients’ systems more accurate and profitable.

Best part of the job?

I love the feeling of accomplishment after installing a complex guidance system and then turning the it over to a client.

Besides PGS project management and field/system installation, Luis spends his time off watching sports, working on his truck and fishing.

Industry / Product Training Certifications:
  • TIBA Parking Level 2 Technical Cert.
  • INDECT Certified Level 1 for IPSens
  • Certified Level 1 INDECT Systems
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