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INDECT Views (Outdoor Detection Camera)

INDECT Views Outdoor Camera Detection System is designed to detect space availability in outdoor parking situations. By adding INDECT Views, you are now able to extend the improved parking experience to your rooftop or surface lots all the while maximizing occupancy and optimizing your parking revenue.

20+ spaces at once
Detection depends on camera height, space layout, position and distance.
Built to last
P66 Rated, protecting the camera from dust and water intrusion.
Surveillance capability
Increase security of your surface lots and parking deck rooftops.
Parking guidance
Help guide visitors by adding integrated pillar signs to surface lots and rooftops.
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INDECT Views Pillar Signs

For improved rooftop parking guidance, pillar signs lead drivers to the detected spaces faster.

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Optional License Plate Recognition

For added security, you can add LPR, plus the ability to zoom in on the automobile license plates.

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Delivers 98% or Better Accuracy

Each camera monitors up to 20 spaces and fully integrates with the INDECT system.

Thinking outside-the-box for outdoor parking

Whether it’s through a surface mounted or camera-based system, the outdoor parking experience is often overlooked. At PGS we address this extremely critical component of parking with leading edge detection and sensor solutions.







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