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Multi-Space Parking Administration

INDECT’s UPSOLUT is your all-in-one, camera-based, ceiling sensor parking guidance system that doesn’t rely on human intervention to monitor multiple spaces. It’s built-in features increase your parking capacity to 100%, track vehicles of interest, monitor customers, provide detailed parking statistics, and maximize your revenues.

Camera-based technology
View space indication, surveillance, A/V recording – backed by infrared detection.
Top of the line accuracy
99.5% detection rate of one or more spaces, levels or whole garage.
Multi-space detection
Detect up to six spaces using per sensor and is the only camera-based sensor capable of pairing with external LEDs.
IP67 outdoor rating
Water and dust proof, camera can be submersed underwater.
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Dynamic Real-Time Pricing

Our INDECT parking guidance sensor systems are software driven and cameras can be customized to continuously monitor LPR and foot traffic so you can modify pricing in real-time depending on where customers park.

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Video Recording And Playback

Activity in a parking space triggers the UPSOLUT sensor to record video with a wide angle, fish-eye, 180° view camera and store the video stream. Video and OCR capability greatly improves tracking and security.
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License Plate Recognition

UPSOLUT sensors feature an onboard computer to run algorithms that perform License Plate Recognition (LPR) using cameras that precisely detect vehicles even in indoor, ambient lighting conditions.

Advanced detection, accuracy and durability

UPSOLUT reliably detects vehicles in a broad range of lighting conditions. It is the only system that allows onsite staff to run a system accuracy report to evaluate the detection accuracy of one or more spaces, levels or a whole garage. And it’s designed to withstand well beyond the daily rigors of the parking garage environment.







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