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Wireless Vehicle Detection for Rooftops

The SENSIT Surface Mount is manufactured by NEDAP Identification Systems, a leading expert in systems for long range identification and wireless vehicle detection. Depending on your parking budget and objectives, SENSIT is a proven solution for detecting space availability.

Seamless and scalable system
Fully integrated with INDECT software to ease data management.
Low maintenance
Easy to install and replace. Glues to surface and 5-10 year battery.
Extremely accurate
SENSIT’s earth magnetic field and infrared detection contributes towards algorithm to ensure accurate detection.
Wireless and seamless reporting
Sensors communicate through wireless connection and relay nodes.
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A “Sensible” Parking Solution

The SENSIT platform consists of a variety of wireless parking sensors that detect the real-time occupancy status and parking duration of individual parking bays.

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On Demand Data and Analytics

Integration is easy and data availability is unrestricted to make sure third party applications for guidance, enforcement or reporting can reach its full potential.

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Thinking Green For Our Future

The SENSIT Surface Mount reduces emissions and guarantees a fast return on investment. The SENSIT Surface Mount can easily be glued onto the surface.

Smart parking sensor

The SENSIT Surface Mount sensor is a smart parking sensor that detects the occupancy of individual outdoor parking spaces in real-time, using dual detection technology (infrared and magnetic).





35.5 in.


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