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Direct Your Customers in Outdoor Parking Facilities

INDECT Pillar Signs are designed to be highly visible for an improved parking experience — specifically for day to night outdoor and rooftop parking areas.

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Protects against vehicle impacts
Pillar signs are on the ground so they’re build sturdy, protected by a concrete base to guard against accidental impact by vehicles.
Designed for outdoor parking
Because they are outside, pillar signs must offer exceptional visibility day and night. Our signs are fitted with outdoor panels with integrated sun shade and adjustable brightness levels.
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Size of Characters

We customize your pillar signs for visibility that makes parking a breeze.

  • Up to four LED digital displays (1 per side)
  • 5.1” or 7.5” LED digits in green, red, blue, white, amber/yellow – also with 2 colors
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Outdoor Rating

INDECT pillar signs offer full-matrix LED displays built in IP-67 weather proof housings — perfect for lots where guidance systems are needed to help improve the process and maximize space occupancy. “8” symbols for quick and easy reading while driving.

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Pillar signs come in a multitude of sizes, or can be ordered to fit.

  • Backlit cutouts on sign sides for static information such as “exit” or “no entry” optional

Wayfinding and level-counting signage

All of our INDECT signage is designed for precision so we can help you guide drivers to the space they are looking for any level, any environment, all the time. Customizable to your standards and messages, all signage is powered by software, hardware and tech support to ensure space counts are accurate and synced with your signs.



5.1 in.




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Make your pillar signs work all day and night. We can enlighten you.